Introducing Isolated Channels

January 2023 Newsletter


Petronald Green here, creator of MutexBot. I'm happy to announce that the much-requested 'Isolated Channels' feature is now live and ready for use. Best of all, we've made the feature free for everyone.

What is an Isolated Channel?

It's a self-contained group of resources bound to a specific channel on Slack. Resources created/reserved/deleted in that channel are separate from others in the "global scope" (ie. resources created outside of an isolated channel).

This means you can separate your resources into smaller, more manageable groups, or have teams manage their own resources without notifying other teams every time a resource is updated.

ℹ️ How do I use it?

Switch to your target channel and turn on isolation.

/mutex configure isolation on

The channel will no longer have access to the global set of resources, and you can begin creating and reserving a new group of resources.

If you wish to disable isolation, use the command

/mutex configure isolation off

You can have as many isolated channels as you wish.


What happens to my existing 'global' resources?
Absolutely nothing. While inside an isolated channel, you will not be able to access the global scope, however, these resources will continue to be accessible outside of the isolated channel.

What happens to 'isolated' resources if I disable isolation?
Again, nothing. If you disable isolation on a channel, the isolated resources will remain, however, you won't have a way of accessing them until isolation is re-enabled on the channel. If you want to permanently disable isolation, we recommend deleting all resources in the channel first to avoid eating up your resource quota.

Help! I've gotten an 'unable to find slack connection' error.
MutexBot can only send messages to channels where it was installed. As we need to send messages to isolated channels, we require that there be an existing connection. If you're isolating a new channel, simply navigate to, click the 'Add to Slack' button, and select your newly made channel.

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