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An Introduction to MutexBot

An easy way to manage shared access to dev environments, conference rooms, files, license keys and more.

Managing shared resources in a team can be a real headache. From double-booked meeting rooms to conflicting equipment usage, it's all too easy for things to go wrong. But what if there was a way to manage shared resources seamlessly and efficiently, all within the familiar environment of Slack? Introducing MutexBot, the ultimate shared resource management app for Slack.

MutexBot uses a mutex-based system, short for "mutual exclusion", to ensure that only one team member can access a shared resource … (read more)


Introducing Isolated Channels

January 2023 Newsletter


Petronald Green here, creator of MutexBot. I'm happy to announce that the much-requested 'Isolated Channels' feature is now live and ready for use. Best of all, we've made the feature free for everyone.

What is an Isolated Channel?

It's a self-contained group of resources bound to a specific channel on Slack. Resources created/reserved/deleted in that channel are separate from others in the "global scope" (ie. resources created outside of an isolated channel).

This means you can separate your resources … (read more)